M4 FRB Fire-Restrictive Barrier Panel

M4 FRB is an innovative and cost-effective fire-restrictive barrier for use in exterior wall assemblies. Simply install a single layer of 1/8″ thick M4 FRB panel to the extereior-facing 7/16″ sheathing and boost most structural wood framed exterior wall assemblies to a 1-hour fire-rating when built per test reports.  M4 FRB also meets industry standards as a weather-restrictive barrier (WRB) for added protection while saving time and money on your projects. 

  • Boost your exterior wall assembly to 1 hour (when built per tested assembly)
  • Simply attach to exterior wood sheathing and seal joints
  • ASTM E119 – 1-hour load bearing wall
  • ASTM E84 – 30 minute extended duration (Class A)
  • Fire tested both-sides of the wall
  • Ideal for wildfire urban interface areas (WUI)
  • Passed ASTM E331 and E96 for weather penetration / transmission
  • Eliminate extra layers of gypsum board
  • Eliminate need for added WRB
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Installs quickly with staples
  • No silica

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