M4 Wall Sheathing

M4 is a structural panel used in the construction of load-bearing exterior / interior walls and a variety of general purpose applications.  Composed with our proprietary blend of MgO oxysulphate cement and fiberglass, M4 has achieved certification by ICC in 1-hour fire-rated structural and shear-rated wall assemblies, as well is certified noncombustible for use in all types of construction.

  • Structural wall sheathing
  • ICC Certified for use in all types of construction
  • 1-Hour fire-rated load bearing wall assemblies
  • Shear ratings available
  • Resistant to mold, moisture, rot, insects and corrosion
  • Impact resistant
  • Cuts and installs with standard carpentry tools and equipment
  • Non-chloride formula
  • No silica

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