M4 Underlayment helps boost fire and sound ratings per test reports
M4 Underlayment is a fast & economical alternative to poured gypsum underlayment systems.  Simply install 1/2″ thick M4 Underlayment over your structural subfloor and you increase fire-ratings up to 1-hour, while boosting sound ratings to 55+ STC / IIC (or higher).  Once installed M4 is ready for foot traffic, walls, and floor finishes saving you time, weight, money and hassle vs. poured systems.  *Performance based on tested assemblies, available upon request.
  • Eliminate Poured Systems:  Meet fire & sound without the wet trade!
  • Save Time:   Save 7-9 days curing time per pour
  • Fast & Easy Install:  M4 installs quickly with pneumatic fasteners (nails / staples).
  • Lightweight: 1/2″ M4 weighs 2.5 lbs vs. 9 lbs/sf (based on 1″ pour)
  • UL Listed Fire-Rated Assemblies: UL L528 & L587 (1-Hour w/ wood trusses)
  • Sound Ratings:  STC / IIC of 55+ with most floor finishes (refer to reports)
  • Weather Resistance: Factory sealed for exposure to elements
  • Health & Safety:  No Silica, Formaldehyde or VOC’s.  Does not support mold growth.  No added chloride.
  • Ideal For:  Multifamily Construction, Condos, Apartments, Hotels, Mezzanines, Platforms

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